The MAD House Project Beldon

HIND’S is pleased to be able to assist with another fantastic community endeavour – The MAD House Project in Beldon.  MAD stands for “Making A Difference” and the creators behind this great project are planning to do exactly that!

Deb Saville & Lindsay Breach, the founders of the project, wanted to ensure their 3 properties couldn’t be sold once they had passed, but would be used to help those in the disability sector secure accommodation that suits their needs and living standards.  From here Deb & Lindsay decided to set up a ‘Living Legacy’ and The MAD House Project was born!

The Beldon home is the start of this great initiative, with works already underway.  The home is being fully renovated and modified to suit a person with a disability, with the aim of living as independently as possible in either a co-residency arrangement and/or with the assistance of a team of support workers.

HIND’S is proud to be supplying all construction sands to site, with the first load already delivered 🙂

Check out more about this worthwhile project on the official Facebook page – The MAD House Project