Safety Standards

Hind’s Transport Services Pty Ltd has, as one of its Policy objectives, the establishment and maintenance of the highest possible standards of Workplace Health and Safety management throughout its operations.

The achievement of this objective, simply stated, requires a system for the protection of people (both employees and public), property, plant and equipment, from incidents that can affect health, result in injury or cause damage or other losses.

Hind’s Transport Services Pty Ltd holds the view that the health and safety of people is of paramount importance.

Any event or circumstance that has potential to injure people shall be given the highest priority. Hind’s Transport Services Pty Ltd accepts its legislative responsibility to ensure a healthy and safe workplace by providing and maintaining:-

Safe plant, machinery, equipment and workplace.

Safe systems of work.

Facilities for the monitoring and control of environmental factors in the workplace.

Adequate facilities.

Informal and formal training and supervision.


Each employee has the responsibility for:-

Adherence of safe working practices, instructions and rules.

Performance of all duties in a manner which ensures the individual’s health and safety and that of others.

Co-operation with management to enable health and safety responsibilities to be fulfilled.


A good health and safety record is indicative of good management.